Wouter Holtzhausen, Juanita Cooper & Archibald Holtzhausen

Archibald (Archie) Holtzhausen

“I am who I am. I do not want to be anyone else. I am happy who I am.”

Known as “Leader without a Title”. He has 30 years of experience as author, researcher, transformational change agent, make-it-happen-specialist, confidant, motivational speaker & executive coach.

Archie’s mantra is the catchy and memorable acronym, MAD – Making a Difference and his entire life journey has embodied this. MAD is his mission. He deeply appreciates and values each new dawn, representing countless opportunities to Make A Difference in his own life, to the lives of his beloved family, to the work and home lives of his colleagues, peers, superiors and subordinates, to the lives of his friends and acquaintances, to the lives of complete strangers….indeed to society and the world itself.

Archie is a proud and dedicated husband (of three decades), and the father to two wonderful children. His beautiful family is the centre of his existence.

Archie believes in a healthy life style.  Three coveted Ironman SA medals, many triathlon medals , (very) long-distance trail events certificates, a strict and good-health-oriented lifestyle is testimony to his ‘discipline lube’.

Archie is a passionate outdoor photographer – especially birds in flight.

When he’s listening to you, you know it. When he speaks, his words are discerning, non-judgemental, enquiring, supporting, thought-provoking, challenging and wise.

“I am who I am. I do not want to be anyone else. I am happy who I am.”

Juanita Cooper

When asked to describe myself, I am immediately thrown into an ocean of song lyrics that have become a part of me and to some extent described or resonated with me. One such song is that of the Prodigy “…a Fire starter – an instigator”. Take it whichever way you may, but I take pride in igniting something in others that is deeper than holds the eye and that reflects the yearning they have for discovering their passion and true  purpose. Shakespeare’s “ The meaning of life is finding your purpose; the gift of life is giving it to others” is my life motto.

My entire life results in a series of stories. Stories of hope, losses and faith. Stories that have brought me to places, meeting people of all walks of life and in turn being given the gift of life lessons.  Lessons that perhaps someone of such a young age could never dream of knowing. But I am an old soul and I have been flavoured by culture, hardships and motherhood. I enjoy listening to others’ life stories and taking from that as to improve myself continuously. As a straight arrow, my connections with people run deeply and there is no  room for pretence. I celebrate being my ‘strange’ self and am my greatest critique and competitor.

My faith has carried me through many troubled waters. Furthermore, it is a constant juggle to find  the balance between corporate life and my free spirited soul.

Another juggling act is to accomplish as much as possible every day. I believe my ‘can do’ attitude and the way I tackle life heads-on is inspirational to those around me.

I thrive on challenges and opportunities. – No title could define the value that I drive to deliver in all that I do. I constantly charter through complex and demanding environments, making sense of things and facilitating parties that otherwise would share no common ground. My perseverance, or perhaps dedication rather, to my life long relationship with learning, has earned me great experiences. In turn, I assist graduates and new joiners to become the best versions of themselves. This ’paying it forward’ is to all the teachers I have had. It is an absolute passion of mine!



Wouter Holtzhausen

Known as “making the impossible possible“.

Wouter Holtzhausen has, from a very early age, learnt how to be a survivor and to conquer extremely challenging situations.

At the age of four, Wouter was diagnosed with a rare brain disease and specialists indicated that he would never be able to live a normal life.

However, his fighting spirit and parents who supported him every step of the way, lead him to full recovery.

Wouter has the ability to bring calmness to the most chaotic situation. He draws his energy from people and he always stands out in a crowd. Furthermore, he has the ability to identify and unlock people’s true potential. Wouter will ensure that everyone is on board and stay on board.

This outdoor adventurer finds his soul in nature and will tackle any extreme sport challenge heads on.