Members of our team have the opportunity to speak to people about the life-changing principles and defining moments that have impacted our lives.

Speaking is really our passion. We love challenging and motivating audiences with real-life stories and timeless principles that we always back with actionable steps.

Archibald has spent the last 20 years inspiring and challenging people from numerous organisations and businesses to grow, change, and find their passion.

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Some (but not limited) of our topics:

  • Overcome  life obstacles against all the odds
  • Personal branding   Key questions: Who am I What can I do to stand out from the rest? What is my value offering? Why will someone choose me or remember me? How does other people perceive me? What can I do to build my brand?
  • Plugged-in  Nothing works if not plugged in. Question: How are you plugged in? Plugged in to your goals… plugged in to your values … plugged in to friends, family, colleagues and loved ones? Question: What do you need to plug out in order to be plugged-in?
  • Make next year (which starts tomorrow) the best year of your life  Next year can be the be best year of your life. You can make it happen.  You can make your dreams come true. Define what you want to achieve. Write down your goals. Communicate it to everyone – commit yourself! Make plans – small achievable milestones. You and only you can make next year the best year of your life.
  • Did I do my best today?  Stand in front of a mirror – face the person you see! Be honest!  Ask yourself:  Did I do my best today to set clear goals? 2. Did I do my best today to make progress toward my goals? 3. Did I do my best today to find meaning? 4. Did I do my best today to be happy? 5. Did I do my best today to build positive relationships? 6. Did I do my best today to be fully engaged?


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