Below is some testimonials of individuals about Archie who is the team leader at PRETIGU.

Wessel Pretorius, Consulting Psychologist

  • “Archibald is a consummate professional with many years of torturous experience in the most complex art in organisations… “Getting things done”. He has a laser focus and a will of steel on what needs to be done, and always ends up accomplishing, even if it was close to impossible. Yet he never rides rough shot over people. He is a peoples person in the extreme and accomplishes through high-yielding relationship management. He has an odd yet super successful style of doing things. The concept of kind hardiness comes to mind when one thinks about him. If it was playground dynamics he is the first person I would choose on my team. And guess what… we will win”

Tana van Loggerenberg, CFO, Corporate Functions, Absa

  • How to best describe Archie? 100X, Leader without a Title, MAD? Archie touches people’s lives from the moment he offers a mirror to the passenger on the Gautrain, the connection he establishes with the barista, the coaching he provides to executives longing for an ear or searching for a meaning in the rat race. Archie is a remarkable individual that lives an authentic live and found his passion.  

Alan Gedye, Change Management Lead at Barclays Africa Group Limited

  • I have been fortunate to have worked with Archie Hotzhausen, both as a colleague, and as a direct report. Archie is a “solution finder or creator” in every sense. His rigorous approach to finding these solutions is often premised on project management principles. I have never experienced Archie as “jumping the gun”. He tends to comprehensively understand and/or analyse the problem, issue or request before planning a solution. Archie is diligently consultative in his work, that is, he consults widely, without however, detracting from his core purpose. This collaborative approach is also reflected in his leadership, and where relevant, management style. He genuinely cares about everyone, which undoubtedly enables him being so inspirational and influential. If one understands the concept of a person being described as a “mensch”…..Archie fits that description. Finally, in my opinion, Archie has a unique organizational political and organizational cultural intellect. He knows the “rules of the game”, which ensures ‘the what’ he does, ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ he does things, always make sense.”

Gideon Serfontein, Head : Citizenship Barclays Africa at Barclays

  •  “Archibald impressed me with how quick he managed to understand the tecnical issues in my function and align it with the objectives in the Performance Enhancement Programme which he worked on then.”

Roana Mouton, Enterprise Architecture – Governance, Barclays Africa

  •  “Archie is a go-getter who make business critical requirements happen seamlessly at the right time. He builds people up to realise their full potential. He is a positive influence and creates much value for the organisation.”

Corné Els, Director at The Change Leaders – South Africa

  •  “Archie makes things happen and therefore is often the go-to person to engineer either finding a solution, executing a solution or both. He is adept at using a stakeholder-inclusive approach, and leverages his organisational awareness adroitly. He is exceptionally disciplined and has remarkable energy & stamina. His core competence is Project & Programme Management. In style he is a very approachable manager who is genuinely interested in his subordinates careers and personal well-being.”

Herman Grobler, Barclays Africa Head of Technology: Africa Wealth, Investment Management & Insurance (WIMI) at Barclays Africa

  •  “On Archie, what a wonderful person and colleague. He inspires and injects a surge of personal motivation instantly! “We are winning indeed Archie!””

Leon du Rand, Founder Member at ICFuture Technologies and Solutions

  •  “Archibald has led large transformational programmes during his career. His programme management knowledge and business change enablement skills have contributed strongly to his success.”

Vikesh Mistri, Experienced Operational Risk Executive

  •  “I worked with Archie on a number of occasions where he was responsible to ensure that my projects received sufficient and relevant skills to deliver results. During times of severe cost pressures and significant workload, Archie used his influence and robust networks in the group to ensure that he enabled Group Operational Risk to deliver on commitments. Archie is able to understand the requirements of change and setup projects for success.”

Kanabaran Naidoo,  Head: Change & Special Projects at Barclays Africa Technology

  •  “Archie is has a humble passion for a meaningful life. He derives a sense of appreciation for life by constantly pushing his personal being. Archie is known for being MAD “Making a Difference” in the lives of all those he comes into contact. In the work space he ensures delivery with compassion and constantly strives to set up staff to succeed.   He is definitely a worthy colleague, manager and friend.”